c'beyohn: Raw, Regal, & Rare.

Mr. Sharp, born Corey Bailey raised in Soulsville USA (Memphis, TN) started his artistic journey early in life. First through dance, church and school choirs, then BeatBoxing, Songwriting, and dabbling with music production via pause tapes with his older cousin Quane. Despite having poor vision and being in a near fatal car accident which almost cost him an eye, he was able to c'beyohn (see beyond) and was always naturally the life of the party. Not being able to listen to Hip Hop at home shaped his appreciation for other genres of music which lead to him creating his own Alternative/Hip Hop/Soul sound. He actually started rocking the mic at high school parties and formed a group called dashiki, then went off to college and studied Music Business.

An impulse move to Atlanta afterwards unlocked the entrepreneurial free spirited solo artist we now know as c'beyohn. Cee Lo Green gave him the nickname Shitti Sharp, complementing his music and sense of style on his first mixtape Now Open in 2003. Since then c' has consistently released a string of remarkable mix tapes and EPs independently through his own label Upper Echelon Innertainment. The hard work has lead him to sharing the stage with legends like The BarKays, Mavis Staples, Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, Camp Lo, up to Shabazz Palaces and Anderson Paak to name a few.

The seasoned Performer, DJ, Songwriter, Producer, & Designer continues to steal the show at festivals, concerts, benefits, and parties with his Raw, Regal, & Rare brand. c'beyohn won best Hip Hop Artist both in 2015 and 2016 and has conducted music performance and production workshops for the youth in Memphis. On the creative 2018 Record Store Day concept release Where You Are, lyrically c'beyohn is impactful, sonically he is progressive, and his overall tone is thought provoking and inspirational throughout.

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